find what you’re good at

Don’t you hate those off-hand comments that stick in your head for the rest of your life? It makes me wonder sometimes. I work with teenagers, and they’re always going through some crazy shit, and every once in a while I’ll give them advice and sometimes it’ll be a bit heavy-handed or … I dunno, …

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fairy recipes

So I've been reading this wonderful book called Les Recettes des Fées, or Fairy Recipes, and let me tell you, when I brought it to the nightly study session with my students who stay overnight at school, the girls all wanted a piece of it. The idea is marvelous, the stories and selections from La Chatte …

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waiting for Samhain

Halloween used to be my favorite holiday. My absolute favorite. Obsession doesn't begin to cover it. When I was a kid, it was (captain obv) all about the candy. You see, I grew up in a household where sweets were so scarce I was forced to get up at the crack of dawn and secretly …

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wild strawberries

Oh, summer!  Oh, wild strawberries!  Oh, toxic fox pee that prevents me from eating you! A couple of girlfriends and I were walking along in the countryside one afternoon about a year ago and I was waxing poetic over the wild 'fraises de bois' or 'strawberries of the wood' whose tiny four-petaled flowers were popping …

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the wedding

CAVEAT: This was written a few months ago. Took me a season to recover from the shock, I'll admit, but I got there eventually. I have something to admit.  I'm completely terrified. I'm talking pee-my-own-pants kind of terror.  Every time I think of the wedding, I force myself to latch onto my loosie-goosie meditation practice …

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blackberries, windfall apples, and coming full circle

Yesterday, I started my new job. I am quite literally a 'pion,' a word that transcends both English and French to become the universal mot juste for 'person at the bottom of the food chain.' This morning, at the café downstairs, the father-in-law's crew of old men buddies laid into me. “PION!” they said, sucking …

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