find what you’re good at, part deux, with pumpkins

Here’s the thing. I’m a little worried. I know that there’s a condition called garden fever, and that this craze for growing things can seize all walks of life, be you American or French, man or woman. But I’m concerned that my intense obsession with this garden is a little out of control. I mean, …

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find what you’re good at

Don’t you hate those off-hand comments that stick in your head for the rest of your life? It makes me wonder sometimes. I work with teenagers, and they’re always going through some crazy shit, and every once in a while I’ll give them advice and sometimes it’ll be a bit heavy-handed or … I dunno, …

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fairy recipes

So I've been reading this wonderful book called Les Recettes des Fées, or Fairy Recipes, and let me tell you, when I brought it to the nightly study session with my students who stay overnight at school, the girls all wanted a piece of it. The idea is marvelous, the stories and selections from La Chatte …

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waiting for Samhain

Halloween used to be my favorite holiday. My absolute favorite. Obsession doesn't begin to cover it. When I was a kid, it was (captain obv) all about the candy. You see, I grew up in a household where sweets were so scarce I was forced to get up at the crack of dawn and secretly …

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wild strawberries

Oh, summer!  Oh, wild strawberries!  Oh, toxic fox pee that prevents me from eating you! A couple of girlfriends and I were walking along in the countryside one afternoon about a year ago and I was waxing poetic over the wild 'fraises de bois' or 'strawberries of the wood' whose tiny four-petaled flowers were popping …

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the wedding

CAVEAT: This was written a few months ago. Took me a season to recover from the shock, I'll admit, but I got there eventually. I have something to admit.  I'm completely terrified. I'm talking pee-my-own-pants kind of terror.  Every time I think of the wedding, I force myself to latch onto my loosie-goosie meditation practice …

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blackberries, windfall apples, and coming full circle

Yesterday, I started my new job. I am quite literally a 'pion,' a word that transcends both English and French to become the universal mot juste for 'person at the bottom of the food chain.' This morning, at the café downstairs, the father-in-law's crew of old men buddies laid into me. “PION!” they said, sucking …

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